Why everybody goes for personalised number plates

For the common man, when asked to think of a private number plate, what comes first in mind is the image of a blade of metal filled with letters and numbers.
Of course you first of all by a car registration number from here https://www.theprivateplateco.co.uk because you are constrained to do so because of laws. Every vehicle should have an ID. But this primary use of the car registration number, as prescribed in the nineteenth century, have become for less importance, at least for those that know their car, and all related to it, are part of their own identity.
So why you should buy a personalised number plates?
The first answer is “why not?” Yes it is possible and it is legal. It is relatively cheap, depending on the characters or the message you want to displays and the number of people wonting the same, the cost might change. Above all it is funny. Just imagine you personalized number plates referring to the name of your own name, your son’s birthday or even a principle that directs your life.
The second answer is that, it is the best way to set your car apart from others. No need to be the pope, a rock star or a famous football player. No need to have a star in Hollywood boulevard to make them roll their eyes when you are there. Just be inventive and imaginative.
The last reason, but not the least is that, buying a private number plate is one of the best investment you will ever do nowadays. Yes, as amazing as it could seem, by buying a personalised number plate, you can have the pleasure to drive a car that you can totally identify to, but also make money from it. Many platforms would give you professional advice when you decide to buy an “investment plates”. Or you can just take a ride and wait for the value of your personalised number plate to grow.